Did You Know?

Nikolas Cruz, the alleged school shooter of the Parkland massacre might soon be a millionaire.

Cruz is represented by a public defender right now, and a hearing is under way to determine if he can fund his own attorneys. Turns out that Cruz mother left behind an estate that could be worth several hundred thousand of dollars.

The ongoing probate case is looking into their finances right now and deciding how to split the funds between Cruz and his brother.

According to the family he had been living with, Cruz said at one point that he was set to inherit $800,000 from his deceased parents. The majority of that would have been available to him when he turns 22.

However most likely Cruz will never see a penny of his inherited money. First, the public defender could charge him for the service even after the trial is over. On a much bigger note, the families of the victim could argue to use the money to pay off lawyer fees or sue for emotional damages.

Cruz defense team says they prefer he pleads guilty to avoid the emotional trauma for the families by having to go through a lengthy trial.