Daily News Roundup โ€“ March 30, 2018

Liberal family of 8 drives over cliff and dies in CA car crash

The infamous Hart tribe, a family of six adopted children and a married parents, two women Jennifer and Sarah Hart, all of them free spirited and deeply involved with nature, have died in a horrific car crash.

They grew and raised their own food. They gave out free hugs and were ambassadors for free unity. Their kind spirits went on to heaven in a tragic car accident that left them presumably dead upon impact last week. It appears that their SUV plunged off a 100-foot cliff along the famous California highway that runs from along the steep but breathtaking coast from Oregon to California.

As of now, there is no evidence the accident was intentional or foul play was present. However, the family gathered national attention in 2014 when one of their adopted boys, African-American Devone Hart, was photographed with tears in his eyes hugging a white police officer regarding the Ferguson, Missouri shooting while holding a free hugs sign. They were strong Bernie Sanders supporters and always on a mission to give love to the world. Their positive attitude and free spirits will be greatly missed. The investigation is still ongoing as police is trying to find all missing remains.