Daily News Roundup – March 24, 2018

Pennsylvania School District Arms Students With Rocks for Protection

There is a new way to stop a school shooting, as Pennsylvania school district is arming their students with rocks and stones. In each classroom at Blue Mountain School District in Schuykill County, buckets full of river stones have been placed for students to use for their protection. Now, students don’t have sit and wait if they cannot evacuate.

“Protocol has been that students lie down, under desks and basically become passive targets on our classrooms.” Says Superintendent David Helsel. “We decided to empower our students with tools of self-defense, if needed.”

In response to the active shooter response training taken by staff members, the superintended said the district decided to bring rocks to the classrooms after a training video encouraged students to throw anything they could at an active shooter – pencils, staplers, etc.

“At one time I just had the idea of river stones. They’re the right size for hands, you can throw them very hard and they will create or cause pain, which cant distract,” Helsel said. The district sees these buckets of rocks as a last resort, if necessary. “We understand that a gun is much more deadly than a stone. It’s our hope that we can somehow stop the ability of an armed intruder to enter our classrooms,” he added. So far, parents of the district seem to like the plan.