Daily News Roundup – March 23, 2018

Tempe Police Department Releases Raw Footage of Fatality Involving Self-Driving Uber Car

TEMPE, AZ. – The Tempe police department released two videos today that show the moments leading up to the fatal crash between a pedestrian and a self-driving Uber car that happened on Sunday. Some of the content is disturbing.

One video shows footage from a dashcam of a woman, Elain Herzberg, 49, walking her bike across the road at night while the autonomous vehicle failed to slow down before hitting her. Another video shows footage a person in the driver’s seat who is intended to monitor the vehicle. She often seen with her head down as if she’s looking at her cell phone. What appears to be the moment before impact, the woman in the driver’s seat lifts her head and is visibly shocked about what is about to happen.

Herzberg was immediately taken to the hospital, but died from her injuries shortly thereafter. For now, all self-driving tests in North America have been suspended at the Uber company following the accident.