Daily News Roundup – March 23, 2018

“Four’easter” Covers Northern Atlantic and New England With Several Inches of Snow

The so-called “four’easter” that blew through the Tri-State area and New England caused several motor vehicle accidents and disrupted transit authorities up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The same storm that wreaked havoc on the Southeastern US with hail storms, heavy rain and tornadoes managed to continue the destruction as it moved north.

Large numbers of snow plows were out across the region on Wednesday, as snow totals rose to well over a foot in many areas. Windber, Pennsylvania saw 19 inches, Sabillasville, Maryland got 15 inches, and 14 inches fell in Sweet Spring, West Virginia. Parts of New York City were blanketed with 8 and a half inches by Wednesday night, while Central Park saw another 5 inches.

Airlines had been preparing for Toby, and more than 4,400 departures and arrivals were canceled at airports around the region. The New Jersey Transit system withdrew all of their buses from the roads by 3:00pm on Wednesday as the snow began to fall heavily and visibility became problematic.

Fatalities were reported in multiple states, including a motorist in New Jersey who was killed in a crash involving a snow plow, as well as a van that rolled over carrying 5 people on the Wantagh State Parkway, which killed 1 and put the others in critical condition. Another collision was reported by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, where a bus hit another vehicle, killing one person on Interstate 78 in Hunterdon County.

Despite the numerous Nor’easter winter storms this month, the winter of 2015 dumped nearly twice the amount of snow as has fallen this year. Either way, winter storms seem to be increasingly violent over the last few years, as more and more snow falls in the Northeastern US.