Daily News Roundup – March 21, 2018

New England Preparing for Fourth Winter Storm This Month

The so-called “four’easter” is headed towards New England, as once again the early-spring winter storm will layer the northeastern US in a heavy blanket of snow. Fortunately for residents, this storm is not expected to be as powerful as the previous three in the last three weeks.

Before reaching the New England area, winter storm Toby has already wreaked havoc on the southern states, bringing heavy rain, high winds, hail, and tornado warnings to parts of Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky. Making its way up the East Coast, this storm is likely to drop as much as two feet of snow in and around the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area, then move on to do the same to Connecticut and Massachusetts later this week.

Airlines have been preparing for Toby, taking a proactive approach by cancelling flights and waiving change fees for customers. Travel conditions are expected to deteriorate by the end of the day today, lasting through tomorrow and early Friday.