Daily News Roundup – April 4, 2018

Here’s the List of the Top Voted Disgusting Canned Foods

From bugs, to weird meats, to foods that aren’t even appetizing when fresh, these canned foods make spam and Spaghetti-Os look like exquisite courses. Most of us can agree that convenience can go a long way, but not if the food being preserved contains BBQ chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

The funny part of it is, many of these canned foods are considered a delicacy in the regions in which they are found. Silkworm can be found all over the streets of Korea, while haggis is very popular in Scotland, and duck fat is big in France.

Most of these foods put some other cultures’ questionable edibles to shame, they even make bodily fluids a reasonable ingredient in a recipe. Not even a catastrophic event warrants opening the likes of these disgusting preserved products.

#1 – Canned Cheeseburger (3,291 votes)

#2 – Canned Creamed Possum (4,445 votes)

#3 – Canned Fish Assholes (4,750 votes)

#4 – Canned Bork Brains (3,168 votes)

#5 – Canned Russian Herring (3,745 votes)

#6 – Canned Haggis (3,525 votes)

#7 – Canned Silkworm Pupae (3,176 votes)

#8 – Canned Creamed Armadillo (2,576 votes)

#9 – Canned Tongues (2,797 votes)

#10 – Canned Sorpions (3,316 votes)